Food and Refuse Collections

Search for your food waste and refuse collection day, read a guide on how to report a missed bin and see changes to collections due to Bank Holidays.

We ask bins to be placed out for emptying before 6am on the day of collection but no earlier than the evening before.

Refuse bags containing food waste can become a target for pests, birds and vermin; our food waste collection service will help prevent this.  It is also unsightly for neighbours and the community.

Please enter your street name and town and then click on Search. You do not need to use ' when typing in the details.

Schedule changes over the Easter bank holiday period.

Normal collection day Altered collection day

Monday 30th March

No change

Tuesday 31st March

No change

Wednesday 1st April

No change

Thursday 2nd April

No change

Good Friday 3rd April

Saturday 11th April

Easter Monday 6th April

Tuesday 7th April

Tuesday 7th April

Wednesday 8th April

Wednesday 8th April

Thursday 9th April

Thursday 9th April

Friday 10th April

Friday 10th April

Saturday 11th April

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Missed Collections

If your food waste or refuse has been missed for collection, please see how to report it to us below:

Assisted Collections

If you are elderly, infirm or disabled and do not have any family members or friends who can help you to put out your refuse or kerbside recycling or both, you can apply for an assisted collection online.

This means our collection staff will be able to collect your waste from a location at your property that is more suitable for your situation, as normally your rubbish must be placed at the front boundary of your property for collection.

Discarded Items

If you are unsure of what can and can't be disposed of amongst your household waste, please refer to our pages covering