Waste and Recycling Collection Days

Check your waste and recycling collection days, download your 2016 collection calendar, and see changes to collections over Bank Holidays.

We ask that bins, bags and boxes are placed together on the pavement in front of your property before 6am on the day of collection, but normally no earlier than the evening before. It may not always be possible to give you back the same kerbside recycling containers each time they are emptied due to the collection methods employed.

To check your collection days and download your collection calendar, enter your postcode with a space, eg BN7 2RU. If you don't know your postcode you can find it with Royal Mail's find-a-postcode tool.

Changes To Collections Over The Christmas Period

Christmas Period Collections Changes
Normal Collection Day Altered Collection Day
Monday 26th December Double Collection on Tuesday 3rd January
Tuesday 27th December Double Collection on Wednesday 4th January
Wednesday 28th December Wednesday 28th December (no change)
Thursday 29th December Thursday 29th December (no change)
Friday 30th December Friday 30th December (no change)
Monday 2nd January Tuesday 3rd January
Tuesday 3rd January Wednesday 4th January
Wednesday 4th January Thursday 5th January
Thursday 5th January Friday 6th January
Friday 6th January Saturday 7th January

Kerbside recycling collections will me made as per your collection calendar, which you can download by searching your postcode above.

Garden Waste Collection Days

Our optional garden waste collection service is now available to over half the residents of the district, with more soon to come! Check out the Garden Waste Collection Service Page for more info and to sign up, or if you're already part of the scheme download your collection calendar below.

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