Household Waste Collection Service

Householders have a duty to dispose of their waste in a responsible manner, and could face a fixed penalty notice or prosecution if this isn't done. Here's how to make the most of our refuse collection service...

We offer residents weekly collections of household refuse, and no sign-up is necessary. Your collections will be made from 6AM on the same morning each week, with occasional changes due to public holidays - check which days your collections are on.

Black rubbish bags can be targeted by seagulls, foxes, badgers and other animals, ripping and spreading the contents. This is not only unsightly but unsanitary and potentially unsafe for both residents and our collections crews. Wheelie bins are one solution (you can buy a wheelie from us here) but we recognise that not all of our residents are able to keep wheelie bins at their properties. In these cases, please use black plastic bags, double-tie them to prevent spillage, and try to avoid leaving them outside any longer than necessary.

We ask that your rubbish is securely contained and placed out for emptying before 6AM on the day of collection but no earlier than the evening before - all waste must be in bags, even if it is a bin (we do not collect loose waste from bins). Please leave your rubbish out on the kerbside or roadside, as long as it is safe to do so, otherwise leave it as close to the roadside as is safe.

We hold our Waste and Recycling service to a high standard, collecting at least 99.9% of all the bins in the district first-time, and where the occasional collection is missed we are almost always able to return for it within 2 working days. Find out more and report missed collections online.

As part of our household waste collection service there are several types of items which we are unable to collect, but we do offer separate collections for these items (follow the links below to find out more). Please do not put any of these in with your household rubbish.

Householders have a legal duty to dispose of their waste in a responsible manner. Failure to do so may result in a fixed penalty notice being served, or a prosecution under Section 46 (Receptacles for Household Waste) of the Environmental Protection Act 1990.