Missed Waste and Recycling Collections

How to let us know about a missed waste or recycling collection.

Unfortunately from time to time, we may miss a collection. Before you report a missed collection, please check to see whether your neighbours or the rest of your road has had their collection. If not, it may indicate a more general problem on your collection round. If so, please leave your recycling boxes and bags out as we may well come back the next day to collect them. If it is just your own collection that has been missed please check that:

  • Your collection day was correct
  • Your bins, bags and boxes were out by 6am on the day of collection
  • Your bins, bags and boxes contained the correct types of rubbish and recycling (eg. no non-recyclables in your recycling boxes and no bulky items or garden waste in your bin). If you have garden waste or bulky items to get rid of, we can arrange a one-off collection of bulky/garden waste, or you can sign up for fortnightly garden waste collections
  • Your rubbish and recycling were properly contained (eg. not left loose in a bin or on the pavement)
  • Your bins, bags and boxes were left on the kerbside (unless we have agreed to offer you assisted collections)
  • Your bins, bags and boxes were clearly visible, and access to them was unobstructed

If all of the above apply, please proceed to report it to us.

Report A Missed Collection

To report a missed refuse collection please complete the form below with your details:

If we establish that we've overlooked your collection, we'll endeavour to return for it within two working days.