Social Media Users' Statement

Details on how we use social media and what level of service you can expect from us.


Account management

Our social media accounts are managed by Content Managers and Content Authors assigned to all departments across the council. They are overseen by the Communications Office.


We use a range of social media services to provide:

  • Instant and up-to-date news
  • Status of services
  • Event information
  • Formal and informal consultations
  • Sharing of photos, documents and links
  • Way to engage with customers

Operation times

Accounts are monitored during office hours only; Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm - with an exception during extreme or emergency events, or for special occasions; for example elections.

Emergency requests

Please do not send us emergency requests using a social media – even during office hours. Instead, please refer to the relevant department’s content information page.


Questions asked via social media regarding our services will be answered by the appropriate department. We firstly aim to give a full response within one working day. Where this is not possible, we will tell you and respond within five working days.


By connecting with any of our social media accounts, our information will be sent directly to you. For example, using Facebook you may ‘like’ our page, or Twitter you can ‘follow’ us. Anyone with their own account may connect to us without approval.

Comment monitoring

Comments posted to our social media accounts will be monitored. We reserve the right to remove inappropriate comments including those that have obscene language or sexual content, threaten or defame any person or organisation, violate the legal ownership interest of another party, support or oppose political candidates or ballot propositions, promote illegal activity, promote commercial services or products or are not topically related to the particular posting.


Where anyone persistently posts inappropriate comments (as set out above), we will send two warning messages before blocking your connection to us. This will also be reported to the official moderators of the service(s) in question.

Official complaints

Official complaints should not be submitted to us via our social media accounts. Instead use our online complaint form. Complaints received by social media will be asked to resubmit in the appropriate way. Planning objections and comments should also only be submitted using the official channels.

Fault reporting

You may report a fault via one of our social media profiles. However, we prefer you to do so using our repair system. This allows us to capture all the information we need quickly and ensure it is passed the the correct team to deal with.

Sharing our information

Where we post information to a social media profile, this may be shared on your own profile but must state the original source, that is Lewes District Council. Our information must not be used in a way that breaches Copyright law.

Social media profiles

Twitter Accounts

Lewes District Council maintains the following Twitter accounts:

We also work in partnership to maintain the following accounts:

Following / Followers

We do not automatically follow people who are following us. Instead, we only follow relevant organisations, agencies and professionals. Where we do follow someone it does not claim an endorsement of any kind.


We will use hashtags when serially posting about news, campaigns or events to offer a quick link to archived posts; for example #lewesbonfire, #ldcsnow #ldcfff

We will also contribute to community hashtags with public interest information when it can be offered and is appropriate.


We will retweet posts that we deem are in the public interest or provide impartial, commercial-free information that is politically neutral.

Live Tweeting

On occasions, we will use our account to provide live text commentary of rolling news, events or occasions. These will be marked with a relevant hashtag.

Direct Messages (DM)

Where we are asked to provide a response, but it contains sensitive or personal information, we will reply using a Direct Message, rather than respond in public. Please note: we will never DM any user asking to disclose personal information.


Accounts and Profiles

We limit our official council presence on Facebook to using pages and groups and currently manage the following:

  • Lewes District Council
  • Newhaven Fort
  • Artwave

We also work in partnership to maintain the following accounts:

  • Enjoy Sussex


As we only keep business accounts on Facebook to manage our pages, we are unable to follow personal profiles and become ‘friends’. Instead, you will be able to ‘like’ our page. By doing so, you will receive all the latest activity from our account on your own wall.  We will only ‘like’  relevant organisations, agencies and professionals. Where we do so it does not claim an endorsement of any kind.


We will not tag anyone in a photo or video we post. However, you may tag yourself in one of our photos or video. We also allow you to tag us in your photos where we feature.