Planning & Building Control

We are responsible for considering and regulating development within the district.

Our Planning team provide advice on development, enforce planning laws and determine applications alongside our Planning Committee. Planning seeks to guide the way our towns, cities and countryside develop.  This includes the use of land & buildings, the appearance of buildings, landscaping considerations, highway access and the impact that the development will have on the general environment.

Our Building Control team set standards for the design and construction of buildings and monitor building works to ensure the current safety requirements and permitted standards are met. This ensures the safety and health of people in or about those buildings. This also includes requirements to ensure that fuel and power are conserved and that facilities are provided for people, including those with disabilities, to access and move around inside buildings.

All Planning Applications received after1st April 2012 that are within the South Downs National Park area are only available to view on the park's website. We continue to process and determine these applications on their behalf.


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