Background Reports

This page displays background studies that have been produced to inform planning policy work.

Completed Studies

Infrastructure Delivery Plan

The draft Infrastructure Delivery Plan (IDP) sets out the key strategic infrastructure that is required to support the objectives and spatial strategy of the Core Strategy and identifies how, when, where and by whom this will be delivered.  The IDP is a 'living document' that is periodically reviewed and modified to ensure that it remains up to date and addresses changing circumstances or new information.

Rural Settlement Study

The Rural Settlement Study (RSS) was produced in 2011 and updated in 2012 (published in 2013).  It identifies a rural settlement hierarchy based on the sustainability of each settlement.

Strategic Transport Studies

Strategic transport studies have been carried out for Newhaven and for Lewes town.  The studies included traffic modelling to investigate a number of potential development scenarios informed by the Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment and the Employment and Economic Land Assessment.  East Sussex County Council, the local highway authority, has been closely involved in overseeing these studies and has also assessed potential development scenarios in areas of the District not specifically covered by these two studies.  The assessments consider the impact that the scenario developments would have on the transport network and identify whether current transport infrastructure would need to be upgraded to allow such development to take place.

Local Housing Needs Assessments

The Local Housing Needs Assessments (LHNA) were undertaken in 2011.  They assessed the amount of housing required in the District to support the future population, based on a range of economic and demographic trends and forecasts.

The Affordable Housing Needs Assessment was completed in 2014 and assessed the current affordable housing need and future 5-year projected need of the District.  The assessment includes an analysis of the necessary 5-supply required to meet the projected need.

Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment 2013

The 2013 Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) informed the Submission Core Strategy.  The most recent report, appendices and maps for 2014, together with the Methodology report and Frequently Asked Questions, can be seen on our SHLAA page.

Landscape Capacity Study 2012

The Landscape Capacity Study (LCS) identifies important landscape features across the District and identifies where, in landscape terms, there is potential capacity for change.  The study has helped inform both the identification of suitable strategic development sites identified in the Submission Core Strategy and also Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment.

Hotel and Visitor Accommodation Futures Study 2009

The Hotel and Visitor Accommodation Futures Study (HVAFS) was commissioned by the Council and Tourism South East to provide an objective assessment of the potential for the future development of hotels, guesthouses and other forms of serviced accommodation in the District.

Gypsy and Traveller Site Assessment

The initial Lewes District Gypsy ad Traveller Site (GTSA) study was completed in 2011.  It assesses potential sites to meet the accommodation needs of Gypsies and Travellers within the District.  The addendum considers a number of additional sites identified within the Emerging Core Strategy consultation (autumn 2011) and updates conclusions to the initial Site Assessment, where appropriate.  Conclusions from the GTSA and Addendum will help inform the allocation of sites through the Council's Site Allocations Development Plan Document and the National Park's Local Plan.

Strategic Housing Market Assessment

The Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA) study was completed in July 2008 and established an understanding and strategic vision of the District's future housing demand and supply. This document will be periodically updated.

Housing Background Papers

A background paper which identifies a locally derived housing target was initially prepared to accompany the Emerging Core Strategy (September 2011) and was revised and updated to accompany the first Proposed Submission document (January 2013).  A further background paper was prepared in order to justify the housing strategy of the Proposed Submission Document Focussed Amendments (May 2014). A Policy Constraints Report also informs this background paper.

Duty to Cooperate Housing Study

The Localism Act introduced a new duty for local authorities to cooperate with others when preparing strategic planning documents.  In light of this, local authorities in the Sussex Coast Housing Market Area (Adur, Arun, Brighton & Hove, Chichester, South Downs National Park Authority, Worthing and ourselves) commissioned GL Hearn to consider:

  • the individual and collective objectively assessed housing requirements
  • the balance between potential supply and demand for housing at both the district and Housing Market Area levels
  • how any shortfall in housing delivery may be addressed

Local Strategic Statement

The Local Strategic Statement (LSS) for Coastal West Sussex and Greater Brighton, including Lewes District, is a document that identifies strategic objectives for long term (2013-2031) development across the sub-region and short to medium spatial priorities (2013-2020) to help achieve those objectives. 

Study to Assess Objectively Assessed Housing Need

Following the publication of the Duty to Co-operate Housing Study, the Sussex Coast Housing Market Area (HMA) Authorities commissioned an up to date set of demographic projections for both the study area and the individual authorities. A number of different projections were run in this study, which factored in different population and labour supply/employment assumptions.

These projections informed the Assessment of Housing Development Needs Study for the HMA, produced in 2014.

New Settlement Work

This scoping report was produced in April 2012 in order to aid in the preparation of the Core Strategy.

Equality Impact Assessment

An Equality Impact Assessment was prepared to accompany the Proposed Submission Core Strategy. The report assesses the impact of the Spatial Strategy and Core Policies of the Proposed Submission Core Strategy on the protected equality groups recognised by Lewes District Council.

An updated Equality Impact Assessment has been prepared to accompany the proposed adoption version of the Joint Core Strategy.  This report assesses the impact of the Spatial Strategy and Core Policies, as modified according to the Inspectors Final Report, on the protected equality groups recognised by Lewes District Council.

Lewes District Touring Caravan and Camping Study 2011

This study looks at the provision of touring caravanning and camping in and around Lewes District and examines the potential for growth in the provision of sites and pitches.

Newhaven Eastside Masterplan

This study was commissioned by East Sussex County Council, Lewes District Council and Newhaven Strategic Network to provide future direction for Newhaven port and the industrial activities concentrated on the east side of the River Ouse.

Lewes Car Park Study 2010

This study examines off-street parking provision in the town of Lewes and considers options for the future.  It is not a review of the on-street Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) in Lewes, and street parking management processes. These are managed by NCP on behalf of East Sussex County Council.

Affordable Housing and Community Infrastructure Levy Viability Study 2014

This study assesses the financial viability of alternative targets and thresholds for affordable housing provision and Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) on development across the district.  This evidence informed affordable housing policy in the Core Strategy and the CIL Charging Schedule.

Lewes District Shopping and Town Centre Study May 2012

This update to the 2005 Retail Study (see below) was undertaken to inform retail planning and development across the district.

Retail Study of Lewes District 2005

This comprehensive appraisal of retail activity and the town centres in the district provided recommendations for appropriate policies to be embodied in the Local Plan.

Lewes District Council Informal Recreational Space Study 2005

This study reviews and assesses the provision of informal recreation space in Lewes District.

Lewes District Outdoor Playing Space Review 2004

This study reviews and assesses the provision of outdoor sports facilities and children's play areas in Lewes District.

Ancient Woodland Survey Revision

This survey maps the locations of ancient woodland, showing that the District is home to 1,156 hectares of ancient woodland. 

Physical Development Vision for Newhaven

In 2008, the consultancy BBP Regeneration were commissioned by Newhaven Strategic Network (NSN) to produce a 20-year physical development vision for the town of Newhaven. NSN comprises a range of partners including SEEDA, East Sussex County Council, Lewes District Council, Newhaven Town Council and Newhaven Community Development Association (NCDA).  The report forms part of the evidence base for developing policies in the Local Plan for the Newhaven area. (NB although the cover of the report states that it is in draft format, it is in fact the final version).

Public Realm Framework 2013

Produced in partnership between Lewes District Council, East Sussex County Council and the South Downs National Park Authority, the Public Realm Framework is a strategic document that sets out the vision, key principles and general interventions for the public realm in Lewes District.

Local Development Scheme

The Local Development Scheme (LDS) is a document that sets out the programme for the preparation of planning policy documents.

Lewes District Employment Land Review

The Employment Land Review is a technical evidence document which focuses on employment space needs within the District.

It is not a statement of Council policy but is a technical evidence document that will be used, along with other evidence, to inform the preparation of Lewes District planning policy. The study focuses on employment space needs for B Class Use (Business, General Industrial and Storage or Distribution) but also considers in broad terms the future employment potential and land needs of other non B Class economic uses such as retail, tourism, healthcare, waste management and education.

In Summer 2012, a partial update of the ELR was undertaken. This was in order to review key outputs in the 2010 ELR, in the context of the ongoing depressed economic conditions.

Statement of Community Involvement

This sets out how, and when, we will undertake consultation in relation to documents of the Local Development Framework and in determining planning applications.

Renewable Energy and Low Carbon Development Study

A study to assess the local potential for renewable or low carbon energy generation in the District was commissioned in March 2010.  It provides a sound assessment of the local potential for renewable or low carbon energy generation in the district and the opportunities for carbon footprint reduction through planning policy.  The outcomes from this study will be reflected in the emerging Core Strategy and possibly subsequent Local Development Documents.

SDNPA Affordable Housing and CIL Viability Assessment Final Report January 2014