Building Control

Building Regulations approval is different from planning permission. You may need both. Building Control monitor building works to ensure the current safety requirements and permitted standards are met.

Building Control provide guidance and advice, detailed plan checking and site inspections under the Building Regulations to ensure that anyone designing, constructing or altering a building, follows the guidance set out by the Government.

As your local Building Control team, we will ensure your project complies with the Building Regulations by:

  • Checking your proposals to help achieve compliance with building standards,
  • Helping with aspects of quality; workmanship and materials where these affect compliance with building standards,
  • Supporting and advising on how to end up with the result you want (please note however, we are not a substitute for professional design and construction advice),
  • Issuing decisions on drawings and plans, where required,
  • Ensuring that all building standards which are set in the interests of the wider public good have been complied with at completion and issuing Completion Certificates when building work has been completed correctly,
  • Inspecting dangerous structures,
  • Processing demolition notifications.

We also have a thorough local knowledge of ground conditions, levels of exposure to the elements and methods of build.

If you are undertaking building works, you may need to notify the Health and Safety Executive and may also have other duties under the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015.