The Application Process, Step By Step

Step by step instructions on how to submit a Building Control application.

1. Do I need Building Regulations approval?

Not all works need Building Regulations approval, especially for minor alterations - find out whether you need to apply.

Depending on the works being carried out, you might also need to apply for planning permission (though this is not usually necessary for internal alterations, unless your building is listed). Check whether you need planning permission.

2. What kind of application do I need to submit?

There are three types of Building Regulations application. For further information on which type of application is right for you, please check our Types of Building Regulation Application page:

  • A Full Plans application is for when you (or the builder) will be working from architect's drawings - we'll check the plans as well as the construction to ensure everything is correct from the start right through to completion of the works
  • A Building Notice is suited to more straightforward works where detailed plans are not required - we'll check the construction at key points throughout the works
  • A Regularisation is for works which have already been completed without obtaining building regulations approval - we may require elements of the structure to be exposed for inspection, and you will have to amend any work which is not to standard

3. Building Control fees

The charges for Building Control applications vary depending on what kind of works you are proposing as well as on the scale of the works. There are three broad categories of works and we publish the full schedules of fees for each category online:

  • New dwellings
  • Works to existing dwellings
  • Commercial works

4. Submit your application

You can email your completed application form and associated documents to us at

You can also submit your application online via the LABC Portal or via the Planning Portal

If you would prefer to submit a paper copy, you can download a form here and post it to the address at the bottom of the page. To make a payment for your application, you can either post a cheque along with your application form, or you can pay over the phone once we've processed your application.

5. What's next?

Site inspections will need to be booked in throughout the building works. The number of inspections will depend on the works you're carrying out, and your Building Control surveyor will advise on which stages of building work we need to inspect. Once you've had an initial inspection, you can use our online booking form to book further inspections as required.

If you have any questions about the application process or about Building Regulations in general, please send us a message online, email us at