Heritage At Risk

Buildings at risk are historic buildings which have deteriorated in condition. They may be redundant or unoccupied and under threat from dereliction, demolition or redevelopment.

Many of these buildings are in one of the Conservation Areas in the Lewes district.


The ultimate responsibility for a historic building lies with its owner, however we have the authority to issue:

  • A Repairs Notice can be issued specifying the works necessary for the proper preservation of a listed building.
  • A Section 215 Notice can be issued specifying the works required (including planting, clearance, tidying, enclosure, demolition, re-building, external repairs and repainting) to a site or building where the amenity of an area is being adversely affected by the condition of neighbouring land and buildings.

If necessary we can intervene to carry out essential works and recover costs from the owner. Failure to maintain the building appropriately can ultimately lead to a Compulsory Purchase Order.

These powers are used reluctantly and it is in the best interests of all parties for work to be carried out voluntarily and before emergency work is required.