Planning Guidance

The Planning System
Understand the planning system, its purpose and how it aims to maintain a consistent approach to applications and development.
Permitted Development
A range of development can be carried out under 'permitted development rights' without the need for planning permission. Find out details on restrictions that may apply to your property or proposal.
Pre-application Planning Advice
How to apply for pre-application planning advice within the Lewes District
Planning Enforcement
How planning legislation is enforced, how to report a complaint relating to planning development and the steps taken if a breach occurs.
Solar Panels
Find out whether you require planning permission for the installation of solar technology
Householder Planning Guidance
A guide for householders to determine the need for planning permission, how to get advice and apply if required.
Business Planning Guidance
A guide to planning requirements for businesses, common application types and how to get further information and advice.
Superfast Broadband
Find out information on the installation of Superfast Broadband across our district
Telecommunications Development
Information on the Council’s duties with regard to processing telecommunication’s applications, plus details of development and considerations that are outside of our control.
Section 106 Agreements
Guidance on what Section 106 Agreements are and the Council’s policies regarding them
Planning Authorities
The planning system involves a range of organisations that each have a level of responsibility for development in a given area.