Building Regulations, Information and Applications

Building Control
The building control team make sure that building work is carried out to the right safety standards.
Do I Need Building Regulations Approval?
Details of the types of building work that is covered by the Building Regulations and work that is exempt.
The Application Process, Step By Step
Step by step instructions on how to submit a building control application.
Types of Building Regulations Applications
Information and guidance notes on different types of Building Regulations Applications
Building Control Charges
A guide to Building Control charges.
Building Regulations and Approved Documents
Building Regulations are made under powers provided in the Building Act 1984 and apply in England and Wales.
Building Control Inspections
How to book site inspections with a Building Control Surveyor.
Electrical Work
Your responsibilities as a home owner
Drains and Sewers
Locating and building over drains and sewers.
Previous Building Work on Your Property
How to find previous applications submitted on your property, look at old plans and obtain copies of approvals and completion certificates.