Trees and Landscapes

Tree Pests and Diseases
Sources of information relating to tree diseases and pests, particularly Dutch Elm Disease (DED).
Tree and Hedgerow Application Forms, Registers and Tree Work Database
Application forms to apply to undertake works to protected trees, register of Tree Preservation Orders and Hedgerow Retention Notices, access to on-line tree work database.
Employing Tree Experts and Tree Work Contractors
Advice and sources of information on employing tree work contractors and tree consultants.
Tree Preservation Orders
Advice and information relating to Tree Preservation Orders.
Proposed Tree Preservation Orders
Read the latest proposed Tree Preservation Orders and give your comments.
Trees In Conservation Areas
Advice and information relating to trees located within a Conservation Area.
High Hedge Disputes
Advice to owners of residential properties affected by high hedges which are located on neighbouring land and useful information on how to resolve disputes.
Rural Hedgerow Regulations
Advice and information relating to proposals to remove hedgerow in the countryside.
Dangerous Trees
Advice and information relating to trees thought to be dangerous.
Trees and The Law
These notes give a brief outline on the principles behind common boundary disputes between neighbours that often involve trees and hedges.
Highways and Street Trees
Information and contacts relating to trees on or affecting a public highway.
Tree Advice for Developers and Architects
Guidance and advice for anyone undertaking building works near to protected trees.