Update on suspected unexploded bomb in Peacehaven

Following yesterday’s events in Peacehaven, Sussex police have now confirmed that the suspect WW2 bomb uncovered on a building site has been identified as a fuel tank. The A259 South Coast Road has been re-opened and local diversions removed. We have experienced some delays with our waste and recycling rounds but we expect to complete all of today’s rounds by the end of the day.

Last night Lewes District Council staff worked throughout the night with Emergency Services, Wave Leisure, East Sussex Council Council, Red Cross and Peacehaven Town Council to provide support to residents evacuated from their homes.

Together with the Town Council, Red Cross and Wave, we set up a rest centre at Peacehaven Leisure Centre.  Approximately 95 people attended and 55 stayed overnight.  Comfort packs which included blankets and refreshments were given out by the Red Cross and the Peacehaven Town Council. East Sussex County Council attended the Rest Centre and provided support and for vulnerable residents.

We have been on standby since early Thursday morning in case we needed to set up additional rest centres today. Following the update from Sussex Police these will no longer be needed.

We are now focusing on helping residents return home and will be working with other partners to get things back to normal as soon as possible.

We will be meeting with partners and staff involved to thank them for making such a big effort and pulling together to respond to this unusual incident.

For the latest updates please visit www.sussex.police.uk/news

Story published on 07 September 2017