Council introduces safety measures at Seaford Head after cliff falls

Fences and signs have been installed around the sites of last week’s Seaford Head cliff falls to keep people away from the area which is likely to remain highly unstable for some time.

Lewes District Council, in partnership with Seaford Town Council, East Sussex County Council and HM Coastguard, quickly put up the safety measures following the three collapses.

The council also contracted a security company to speak to walkers along the headland over the weekend and advise them to keep well away from the edge for their own protection.

Councillor Isabelle Linington, Cabinet Lead for Environmental Impact, said: “Following last week’s cliff falls, we are strongly advising people to comply with coastguard advice by staying away from the cliff edge along Seaford Head. We have put up warning signs and around 250metres of temporary rope fencing to reinforce this message.
“While we want people to enjoy the fantastic natural beauty of our coastline, please remember it is important to always keep a safe distance from the cliff edge when walking along the top and away from the cliff face when on the beach beneath.

“Everyone who visits should take care when enjoying this beautiful stretch of coast which is prone to erosion because of the weather and power of the sea.”

To report anyone in trouble along the coast or at sea, please call 999 and ask for HM Coastguard.

Story published on 28 June 2017