Partnership represents ‘new model of joint working’

Lewes District Council has agreed to enter a joint venture with Robertson AECOM Consortium to deliver a range of projects that will help meet the council’s environmental ambitions.
The Strategic Partnering Agreement (SPA) Joint Venture will also include Eastbourne Borough Council as the other founding authority.
Crucially, the partnership will accelerate the delivery of large capital schemes as contractors, including the local supply chain, will be engaged without the need for lengthy and costly procurement exercises.
Councillor Isabelle Linington, Cabinet Lead for Environmental Impact, said: “Robertson AECOM Consortium’s credentials are exemplary. 
“Their work with local authorities and other key public services is ground-breaking and has demonstrated a model of joint working that will strengthen our resilience against future energy, sustainability and climate change challenges.”
While a key focus of the partnership is to deliver innovative energy and sustainability projects, it is also possible that many capital projects related to the council’s existing service provision that have an element of energy and sustainability could be delivered through the joint venture.
Councillor Linington added: “The governance arrangements are clear and comprehensive.  Both councils will be able to recommend which projects to develop within the joint venture, approve the delivery plan, allow access to other participants, such as other public bodies and cancel or reject a project proposal.”

Story published on 28 June 2017