Cabinet welcomes ‘strong and improving’ council services

Cabinet councillors have this week (20/3/17) welcomed the latest set of performance figures for Lewes District Council services.
The performance monitoring report brings together third quarter data collected during October to December 2016 and shows the progress each service is making against yearly targets.
Councillor Elayne Merry, Cabinet Member for People and Performance, said:
“The reports show consistently strong and improving public services across the authority. 
“When you consider the particularly tough financial climate that we are operating in, these sustained achievements and progress are extremely welcome and testament to the efforts, expertise and professionalism of all our staff.”
Overall, the data shows that Lewes District Council is meeting or exceeding 90% of their performance targets. 
A few examples include, the average time to re-let council homes is 21 days compared to a target of 25 days, 98% of tenants are satisfied with the service they are receiving and major projects such as the North
Street Quarter, Newhaven Flood Alleviation Scheme and Newhaven Enterprise Zone are on track.
Councillor Merry added:
“The great benefit of this type of report is that as well as detailing the many areas of excellence, it also provides an early warning of issues that need addressing to ensure performance remains high. 
“The great news is that these instances are few in number and in the most part only marginally missing the annual target.”
Performance measures in this category include the payment of invoices by the council which is currently 97% within 30 days against a target of 98%, and 98% of customer complaints responded to within two working days, compared to the target of 99%.