Lewes District Council meeting targets on equalities

Cabinet councillors at Lewes District Council have welcomed the progress being made against the authority’s equalities targets. 

Equalities training sessions, disability awareness projects and lively community events to support minorities are just some of the activities that have been carried out by the council in the past year.

Training has been provided for councillors and staff in order to increase awareness and understanding of equality, including an online training module and the use of ward profiles that detail the demographic make-up and economic situation for each area. 

Important progress has also been made in ensuring that Lewes District offices and services are accessible to everyone, particularly to people with disabilities.

Councillor Elayne Merry, Cabinet Member for Equalities, said: “Inside and outside the organisation the council is involved in a vast amount of work around equalities and diversity. I’m very proud that we now have a tangible record of success in this area and a range of plans that are still to be implemented.”
Some of the council’s equalities work includes:

  • Two council officers who have been trained as Dementia Friendly Champions are set to continue to deliver dementia awareness information sessions to staff and councillors.
  • Two local dementia action alliances have been supported within the district – helping to raise the profile of dementia issues.
  • Diversity themes promoted to council staff during 2016 were Men’s Health and International Women’s Day.
  • In 2017 Lewes District Council and Eastbourne Borough Council plan to work on a join approach to Equality as part of their Joint Transformation Programme.
  • Lewes District Council is planning further support measures for the White Ribbon Campaign against violence towards women and girls, having already promoted the campaign at events within the district.
  • Vital work has been done in support of the education and personal development of young people in the district, including supporting Plumpton College on its supported internship programme for young people with learning disabilities.
  • The council continues to support the Black and Minority Ethnic Advocacy service ‘Sompriti’. Sompriti provides bilingual advocacy to BME residents.

Story published on 15 February 2017