Play streets will bring more play time to Lewes district

Lewes District Council is inviting applications from residents who want to transform their street into an occasional Play Street, allowing children to play freely with friends for a few hours without the worry of any passing traffic.

Parents and neighbours can apply for a single temporary road closure or several at one time, and will need to demonstrate that at least 60% of residents and businesses affected by the closure are in agreement with it. The road can be closed for up to three daylight hours, any day of the week. Councillor Tony Nicholson, Cabinet Member for Customers and Partners, said:  “Older people often bemoan the days of old when all the local children would play in the streets after school and during the school holidays. One of the reasons why children don’t play in this way as much as they did is the greater volumes of traffic. The Play Street scheme takes that problem out of the equation. I’m hoping lots of mums and dads will get in touch using the easy to use online application and we’ll see numerous roads temporarily closed to allow our youngsters some quality time to play.”

The online application form, which should be completed eight weeks before the planned play-time, can be found at

Councillor Nicholson added: “We have a launch weekend planned for April 21-23, so I hope lots of our residents will get in touch now and help turn the roads outside their homes into safe and secure play areas for their children.”
For more information contact Judy Mackerras on 01273 484351 or email


Story published on 14 February 2017