Plans will transform recycling across Lewes district

Cabinet councillors have agreed to bring forward improved options for the collection of recycling.  The decision will mean a much simpler process for recycling across the district by reducing the number of bins involved. A recent council survey on recycling showed that of those residents who responded, just under half (47%) indicated that a ‘single large container’ would help them recycle more from home. Additionally, a popular suggestion for improving recycling was the inclusion in the bin of a wider variety of items.

Councillor Paul Franklin, Cabinet Member for Waste & Recycling, said: “First and foremost we will be maintaining the weekly collection of refuse and food waste, that won’t change. The changes we are proposing are very exciting and will help drive up rates of recycling in Lewes. Reducing the number of containers will make a big difference by making the whole process so much easier and convenient for every household."

Where appropriate, new recycling wheeled bins with a capacity of 240 litres would be delivered to local homes with alternative arrangements made where a bin of this increased size isn’t practical.

Councillor Franklin said: "The key to this plan is the availability of a materials recycling facility (MRF) that boasts the latest technology capable of sorting co-mingled waste and producing high quality recyclates. Unfortunately, the existing MRF in North Street Quarter is no longer fit for purpose. It is in need of major investment and repair and considering that the site will soon be cleared to allow for new development, it makes no commercial sense whatsoever to go down this road. The value of recyclate has fallen significantly in recent years and the income currently being generated is less than the cost of running the facility in North Street. Consequently, Cabinet agreed to begin consulting with staff at the MRF with a view to closure."

Councillor Franklin added: “Until a new recycling collection method is agreed and implemented we can make use of the Veolia MRF in Hollingdean in Brighton. Alongside this the next step is to procure a recycling disposal partner and that process starts now. We are taking decisions now that will transform recycling across the district.”

Story published on 09 February 2017