Council Leader ‘immensely proud’ of budget achievements

Cabinet councillors at Lewes District Council have recommended a 1.9% rise in the council tax, equating to an extra £4.44 a year in a Band D bill, for general expenses.

The increase is the result of ever diminishing government grant funding, added to by new reductions in the New Homes Bonus.

Councillors welcomed the new ways of working and the achievement of year-on-year efficiencies within the authority that have allowed the council to minimise the increase.

Leader of the Council, Councillor Andy Smith, said: “It is only through our financial planning, allied to the remodelling of the way our services are delivered, that we’ve been able to keep the increase in the council tax to under 10p a week. 
“I’m immensely proud of this achievement at a time when the government support grant funding we receive will reduce annually to zero by 2019. Of the current Band D bill, the East Sussex County Council element is £1,251.90, while the Lewes District Council share is just £190.61. While the financial challenges are greater than ever, we have a hugely exciting forward plan of projects and other initiatives that will benefit people living right across the district.”

Council will consider the budget on 23rd February.

Story published on 09 February 2017