Tidal surge and potential flooding in Newhaven 13-14 January

We are anticipating a tidal surge tonight (Friday 13 January) around midnight that may result in sea water overtopping the river banks in Newhaven.

The area most likely to be affected is the east side of Newhaven. There is a chance that flood water may enter some properties in and around the following areas of Newhaven:

  • Railway Road
  • Beach Road
  • Norton Road
  • Clifton Road

The level of flooding is predicted to be limited and not very deep.

Information and advice if you live in one of the affected areas of Newhaven

  • We are placing sandbags at low lying locations along the river bank to try and reduce the possibility of overtopping.
  • We are providing sandbags to residents in the affected areas to assist in protecting their properties. Please be aware that sandbags may still let some water through.
  • You may wish to avoid leaving valuables on the floor by lifting them off the ground or taking them up stairs.

We are working with the Environment Agency and the emergency services to prepare for this evening.

We will be opening a rest centre at Hillcrest Centre, in Bay Vue Road. You will be able to get a warm drink and stay warm in company.

If you have any questions please call 01273 471600, Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5pm, or outside of these hours please call 01323 644422.

Other relevant information

Story published on 13 January 2017