Stunning Hawk-moths thrill visitors at Newick Common

MothMoth watching

Lewes District Council’s Community Rangers and local moth expert Steve Teale recently treated members of the public to a night of never before seen beauty at ‘Night time at Newick Common’. 

The event, held on Friday 10th June, was part of Moth Night, an annual celebration of moth recording throughout Britain organised by Atropos and Butterfly Conservation. This year's theme was Hawk-moths and the crowd were treated to some stunning examples.

With over 2,500 species of moth in the UK, the Hawk-moths are definitely the sports car of the moth world. From the electric pink of the Elephant Hawk-moth to the army camouflage of the Lime Hawk-moth, they provide some of the most colourful and exciting moth encounters in the country and are always a crowd pleaser.   

The Council’s Community Ranger Dan Fagan said: “Moths are a hugely important part of the natural world. They help pollinate lots of plants and provide a huge food source to other animals such as bats. The general thinking is that moths are brown and boring, but events like these let people see how exciting and beautiful these creatures truly are”.

88 species and more than 400 moths were recorded on Friday night. Information from around the country will be gathered to provide a snap-shot of information on numbers of moth species and populations.

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Story published on 16 June 2016