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Lewes Bonfire 2011

Lewes Bonfire ProcessionLewes Bonfire celebrations will take place in Lewes town on Saturday, 5 November 2011.

The event is a Lewes tradition going back many years and allows the people of the town to celebrate the ancient tradition of Bonfire.

The event is for the people of Lewes and we urge visitors not to attend from outside the town. This helps keep crowd numbers to a safe and comfortable level.

Procession & Bonfire Sites

The six bonfire societies in Lewes will hold their celebrations on 5th November 2011. As part of this, processions are held through the streets of Lewes. The main procession route is from Western Road, through the Bottleneck along the High Street, past the War Memorial and down School Hill to Boots corner. The bonfire societies are:

  • Lewes Borough
  • Commercial Square
  • Southover
  • Waterloo
  • South St
  • Cliffe

Each bonfire society sells its own programme giving details of its procession routes. The United Grand procession starts at approximately 7.40pm. Following the procession, each society will hold a bonfire at sites around the town. The fires will be lit at around 9.30pm and be followed be a firework display.

Tickets can be purchased in advance from the bonfire societies to attend one of the bonfire sites. Some do not charge but instead ask for a donation.

The main procession route becomes crowded early in the evening. When the town centre is full, the access barriers will be closed. Anyone coming into the town after that time can stay outside the main procession route or go straight to one of the bonfire sites. There will be marshals in the town centre who can give directions to the bonfire sites.

Parking & Road Closures

Road closures and on-street parking restrictions will affect large parts of Lewes town on the day. Diversions will be in place for traffic to travel outside of the town. We advise visitors not to bring their vehicles into the town, but instead use public transport.


Residents are advised to get vehicles home to avoid road closures in place from 5pm until midnight. If you have a parking permit, East Sussex County Council will inform you by post of alternative parking places for the evening.

The routes (marked on map) are used for processions and associated safety arrangements.

Red Routes

  • From 2pm - No parking is allowed. Fines may be issued to any parked cars.
  • From 4pm - Vehicles risk being towed to a compound.
  • From 5pm - Roads closed. No access to Lewes.

Purple Routes

  • From 2pm - Parking is suspended. Fines may be issued to any parked cars.
  • From 5pm - Vehicles risk being towed to a compound.
  • From 5pm - Roads closed. No access to Lewes.

Blue Routes

  • From 2pm - Parking is suspended. Fines may be issued to any parked cars.
  • From 5pm - Vehicles risk being towed to a compound.
  • From 5pm - Access to residents only until 7pm.
  • From 7pm - Roads closed. No access.

Normal parking controls in streets and car parks will resume at 8am on 7 November 2011.


The A275 Nevill Road and Brighton Road will be open until 7pm to allow residents of Nevill, Landport and Houndean to gain access to their homes.

At the Ashcombe Roundabout there will be no access into Lewes from 5pm until midnight.

The A26 and A27 will be open to through traffic only for the duration. No parking or waiting is allowed. Vehicles risk being towed if parked.


Please contact the Lewes Parking Shop.
Monday Friday: 8am 5pm / Saturday: 9am 1pm
Phone: 0845 680 1129
Email Lewes Parking Shop

Lewes Bonfire Map

This is an interactive map. Click on each object for more information. This map is also available on Google Maps.


Public Transport

Rail Services

There is likely to be long waiting times for trains in and out of Lewes. Last services from Lewes depart between 12.00am and 12.30am depending on your destination. Please check with Rail Enquires for details of your specific journey.

Bus services

Brighton and Hove Buses will be running its normal scheduled service on 5th November. Additionally from 4.30pm, and for the rest of the day, all services (including the N29) will be diverted:

  • from the Ashcombe roundabout (Kingston Ridge) via the A27 (Lewes by-pass),
  • the A26 (Cuilfail Tunnel) and Malling Street to/from Earwig Corner.
  • All stops from the Ashcombe roundabout to Earwig Corner will be suspended for the duration of this diversion.

All services, both to and from Brighton, will stop in the lay-by opposite Caffyns in Malling Street.

Published: 11 December 2010