Council Housing Applications

Apply to be added to the housing list using our Homemove scheme.

We have approximately 3,200 council properties. However, vacancies are limited and we maintain a waiting list. You may register on the Transfer Waiting list if you are a secure Lewes district or Housing Association tenant.

If you are not a social housing tenant, you may register on our waiting list if you have lived within the Lewes District at an address which has been your only or principal home, which is registered for Council Tax, and have done so for a continuous period of two years or more.

If you have served in the Armed Forces within the previous 5 years you do not need a local connection to join our waiting list.

If you are 60 years old or more, and wish to move to our district to be near your relatives, you may not require a local connection to join our waiting list.

We operate a choice based lettings scheme called Homemove. Homemove is a regional scheme covering Sussex.

The scheme enables tenants and new housing applicants to bid for the properties they are interested in. With the exception of a few emergency priority cases, we no longer directly allocate properties.

Every two weeks we will advertise properties on the Homemove website. The properties are available for bidding fortnightly from Friday to the following Wednesday afternoon.


We use a banding scheme to allocate properties. This gives those with the greatest need priority.

The type and size of property allocated depends on the size and make-up of your family. A mutual exchange with another tenant is also possible.

People will be placed into one of four priority bands:

  • Band A is for households with an urgent need to move
  • Band B is for households with a high priority to move
  • Band C is for households with an identified housing need
  • Band D is for households with no identified housing need or interested in shared ownership

The Allocation Policy shows how we apply the bands. If you do not agree, contact us explaining why you think you should be in a different band.

It is helpful if you point to the criteria in the new band that you believe applies to you. Evidence to back this up is helpful.


Complete either the online version or print and complete the application form below to be added to the housing register.

If you are applying for sheltered housing accommodation you will additionally need to print off and complete the application below.

Once received, we will send you a welcome pack. A Housing Officer can make a home visit to you if you are unable to come to us due to disability, or answer any questions you have.

We will inspect Council properties to ensure that there are no unauthorised additions and that the property is in good order subject to fair wear and tear.

After registration

Once registered you can make bids for properties you are eligible for. The properties can be viewed on the Homemove website.

You can bid for properties through the Homemove website, over the phone, by text message or by using the special coupons we will send you. Please notify us of any change to your mailing address.

You can bid for up to three properties in every fortnightly cycle. Each cycle begins when the website is live at 9am on Fridays and the bidding deadline will be 2pm on the following Wednesday.

All the bids for the properties are recorded in priority order by band, local connection and time on the register. Once bidding is closed we contact those at the top of the shortlist to offer the property. In the case of rural properties we will allocate to the person who is highest on the shortlist, with a local connection to the village. Even if you are at the top of the list you may not be offered the property if you have outstanding rent arrears or a history of Anti -Social behaviour.

You can change or withdraw your bid. If you need help contact your Area Housing Officer or Housing Advice Officer. They will be able to bid for properties on your behalf.

Successful applications

If you are offered a property managed by the Lewes District Council, the Area Housing Officer will contact you to arrange a viewing. If you do not attend the viewing, or make alternative arrangements, we will treat this as a refusal. When you have viewed the property, you need to let the Duty Housing Officer know on 01273 484261 by noon the next day if you are going to accept it. If we do not hear from you within this timescale we will treat this as a refusal and the property will be offered to the next applicant.  We can make arrangements if you have any special needs or requirements. We will not write to you if your bid is not successful. We publish feedback about the number of bids we had for each property and what band the successful bidder was on the Homemove website. 

If you are offered a property managed by a Housing Association, the Housing Association will contact you to arrange a viewing.

Council tenant transfers

To qualify to transfer you will need to be a secure tenant. We will not normally make offers of accommodation to transfer applicants in rent arrears or in breach of any other aspect of their tenancy.

It is also subject to a satisfactory inspection of your home. This is to ensure you have maintained it and no unauthorised alterations have taken place.

If your application is refused, you will be advised in writing within 15 working days explaining why.