Housing Repairs and Maintenance

Should you be experiencing problems, we provide a repair service for council tenants. Find out who is responsible for the fix, whether it’s an emergency or a routine repair and how to report it to us.

Request A Repair

You can use this form to request a repair to your council home or communal area. Please complete all the mandatory fields to tell us your details and details of the repair required.

Tell us about a repair or improvement that we have carried out to your home

Your opinion on our repairs and maintenance service is very important to us and we would like to find out your views about any repairs we have carried out to your home or any improvements that we have made. You can use this form to tell us about your experience.

We appreciate any comments you might make and aim to investigate any reports of dissatisfaction with our service. We will also pass on any compliments you make to our staff.

Emergency Repairs

For emergencies, please do not contact us via the form above. Instead:

Please be careful to ensure this is a real emergency incident. Charges may be made when false claims are made. An emergency does not include:

  • Lounge light not working (unless sparking electrics)
  • Leaking gutters or overflows
  • A minor leak from a radiator that could be contained in a bowl

Processing Requests

Once you've contacted us, we can tell you if it’s our responsibility or yours to fix and whether it’s an emergency or a routine repair. We may need to visit to assess the work beforehand. If so we’ll contact you to make an appointment.

If a repair is needed, we ask if you want an appointment to be made with the contractor before calling. If the repair is an emergency an appointment won’t be made. However, we try to find the best time to call.

Appointments can be made for a morning, 8am-12pm, or afternoon 12pm-4.30pm visit. This is when the contractor will arrive to start the work. For a longer job, they may arrive in the morning and finish in the afternoon.

After you have reported the repair and we have agreed to do the work, we will send you a letter. Please keep this letter as it will help if you have any queries. It will tell you:

  • The contractor chosen to do the work
  • Their telephone number
  • The repair details
  • When the work should be done by
  • Your job number

Priority schedule

Repairs are classed in different priorities. This lists them in order of importance for safety and security. Contractors will call within a designated time. Examples are:

Priority 1 – within 24 hours

  • Total or partial loss of gas supply (if not the supplier’s responsibility)
  • Total loss of heating or hot water (November – April only)
  • Total or partial loss of electrics
  • Total or partial loss of water supply
  • Leaking pipes or drains
  • Blocked drain, toilet, sink, basin or bath
  • Unsafe electrics
  • Re-securing / making safe items if they are dangerous
  • Repairs to communal door entry systems in blocks of flats

Priority 2 – within 5 working days

  • Repairs to toilets, sinks, baths, basins or taps
  • New toilet or basin
  • Leaking roof
  • Re-fixing of loose handrails, banisters, stair treads or floor boarding
  • Clearing out or repair of gutters and downpipes
  • Re-glazing (special glass and double glazing may take longer)

Priority 3 – within 10 working days

  • Repairs to kitchen units
  • New floor boards
  • New cold water tank

Priority 4 – within 20 working days

  • Repairs to walls and chimneys
  • Outside door and window repairs
  • Kitchen units repairs
  • New sinks and baths

Priority 5 – within 40 working days

  • New kitchen units/worktops
  • New paths
  • New gutters and downpipes

Additional work

Sometimes, things reported as a repair end up as a larger job. This may mean a delay in the job being done. We will always let you know if this is the case.

Heating problems

For gas heating problems – please call our contractor BSW Services on 01444 836036. For electric heating problems, please contact us directly.

If your flat or bungalow is covered by a Scheme Manager you can use the emergency alarm cord to report faults with your heating.

Gas leaks

If you smell gas call National Grid Gas Emergencies on 0800 111999 or minicom on 0800 371787. This is a 24 hour emergency line. Please inform us also after you have reported the incident.

Claims and compensation

We aim to carry out all repairs on time. Unfortunately sometimes things go wrong and can cause you inconvenience and worry. If certain repairs aren’t done within target times, you may be entitled to compensation.

Not all repairs qualify. Generally they tend to be ones affecting health, safety or security. If the letter we sent you says “This is a Qualifying Repair under the Right to Repair Scheme”, then the repair would qualify for compensation.

If the repair isn’t done on time, you can ask us to get another contractor to do the work. If they also fail to do it on time then you can claim compensation.

Compensation under this scheme is made up of a single payment of £10, plus £2 for each day the repair is uncompleted, to a maximum of £50. Compensation is not paid if you haven’t given us access to your home. If you owe us money, any compensation due will be taken off what you owe.

Malicious damage or neglect

As a tenant it is your responsibility to look after your home and keep it decorated, clean and free from rubbish. You must not deliberately break windows, doors or any fixtures or fittings.

If we have to carry out a repair or remove rubbish for which you’re responsible, you will be charged for the work. In extreme cases such damage or neglect may be grounds for eviction.

Housing Maintenance Officer Areas

Our Housing Maintenance Officers cover the following areas:

Ian Sexton
Seaford, Firle, Glynde, Lewes Malling, Falmer, Kingston, Lewes DeMontfort.

Keith Bulmer
Newhaven, Peacehaven, Telscombe Cliffs, Rottingdean, Piddinghoe, Rodmell, South Heighton, Ringmer

Steve Budgen
Barcombe, Chailey, Cooksbridge, Ditchling, Newick, East Chiltington, Plumpton, Streat, Wivelsfield, Landport Lewes, Lewes Town.