Housing Strategies and Policies

We are committed to meeting our priorities to improve our service whilst making the best use of our council homes.

Strategy and Policy Documents

Our Housing Service priorities are:

  1. To provide well managed and maintained Council homes
  2. To maximise the provision of quality affordable homes
  3. To engage with our customers to provide excellent customer services

Below you will find our key strategies and policies. These strategies and policies set out the service's objectives and how we intend to achieve them.

Tenants' Annual Report 2016

We aim to provide excellent customer service to all our service users. We will also keep focused on value for money, delivering outcomes for local people and improving our performance. We do this through collecting good quality data, giving ourselves challenging but achievable targets, monitoring our progress and performance closely and taking prompt action to keep on track.

We are committed to openness and transparency and will aim to provide, over time, as much service performance data as possible to citizens, businesses and community partners.

The Tenants’ Annual Report shows you what your housing service at Lewes District Council has delivered in 2015/16 and summarises some of our future plans for the service.