Fuel Poverty

Help is available if you are in, or in danger of falling into, fuel poverty. Get advice and tips on how to keep warm in winter.

Fuel poverty results from a combination of:

  • low household income,
  • unaffordable energy costs,
  • inadequate thermal insulation
  • inefficient and uneconomic heating systems.

Help and Advice

Hard to Treat Homes

We can improve thermal insulation in properties that are hard to insulate in the normal way; that is park homes and properties with solid walls. If you live in this type of property and think you might be in fuel poverty please contact us to see how we could help you.

Boiler Replacement And Repairs

We have a selection of grants and loans available to assist owner-occupiers and tenants with heating repairs. For further details on all our schemes and eligibility criteria please contact us.

Winter Home Check Service

East Sussex Social Care Direct carry out a full assessment of your home to identify how to keep it warm. They can also provide help with small works such as;

  • reducing draughts,
  • improving insulation,
  • clearing gutters,
  • lagging pipes,
  • clearing chimneys,
  • providing additional temporary heating.

Help Paying Fuel Bills

The first thing to do is to contact your energy suppliers for advice. If this hasn't helped solve the problem, contact the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB). They have a useful guide on how to manage fuel bills and can give advice and support to deal with:

  • debt,
  • energy bills,
  • benefit claims,
  • other entitlements. 

Tips For Keeping Warm and Well in Winter 

Tips for keeping warm and well in winter can be found at East Sussex County Council's Help to keep warm and well webpage.