Repairs, Alterations and Adaptations

Fire safety advice for tenants and leaseholders
Advice for reducing the risk of fire in your home.
Asbestos Surveys – LDC Housing Stock
Lewes District Council has appointed the company Core Surveys to carry out asbestos surveys in its rented housing accommodation.
Home Safety and Security
A guide for council tenants to safety and security in your home to help avoid accidents that may lead to serious injury or death.
Housing Repairs and Maintenance
Should you be experiencing problems, we provide a repair service for council tenants. Find out who is responsible for the fix and whether it’s an emergency or a routine repair.
Home Alterations
Tenants must ask for approval before starting work to alter or adjust their council home although we cannot unreasonably deny permission.
Adaptations For Disabled and Elderly Tenants
Your comfort and safety is important to us. We can help improve your home by altering or adapting it to be more suitable for an elderly or disabled adult or disabled child.
Internal Redecoration Scheme
We provide an Internal Redecoration Scheme tenants can apply for to help maintain the standard of their home. The scheme is limited to funds being available.
Contractors' conduct
Contractors working on our behalf are expected to work in a polite and courteous manner to a standard acceptable to us and our tenants.
Dealing with Condensation
Condensation can cause black mould to grow on the walls and ceilings of your home. Read how to prevent it and what can be done if it occurs.