Personal Treatment Licence

Practitioners in acupuncture, ear piercing, electrolysis, and tattooing and the premises they operate in, must be registered by the Council.

Who Should Apply

Businesses need to register with us is they are conducting:

  • ear piercing
  • acupuncture 
  • electrolysis 
  • tattooing

This forms part of the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1982, sections 15, 16 and 17. This allows you to carry out work either:

  • from home
  • other people’s homes
  • a business premises
Apply Online

Apply Online

We work in partnership with Business Link to issue all of our licences online. You will be required to follow these steps: 

  1. Complete the Business Link questionnaire on 'Your Business'
  2.  Receive a checklist of all licences that apply to you
  3. Apply for each licence from the Business Link results page.

By creating a Business Link account, your results will be stored in your profile. You may log-in and return to them in your own time. In addition to listing all the licences required, the questionnaire results will also detail the regulations your business should meet as well as provide further help and guidance.

Apply By Post

You can apply for a licence by downloading the document below and completing it on paper. Please return it to us by post or email.

Tel:  01273 471600
Contact us 

Environmental Health
Lewes District Council
Southover House
Southover Road,Lewes


 Registration fee (premises)  £140
 Registration fee (operator)  £140

Licences are permanent although we need to be informed if your operations move to different premises or you cease to practice as a business.

Application Process

On receipt of a completed form, appropriate fee and copies of any relevant qualifications we will inspect your designated place of work. The visit will focus on sterilisation, use of disposable needles, disposal of sharps, general cleanliness, knowledge of RIDDOR, first aid and risk assessment.

Once approved the licence will be issued and sent to you, together with an updated copy of the conditions to be complied with.  This should be visible and on display at the premises.

Further Information

A licence for the premises will need to be in the name of the person or company whose business provides the service. Each person who carries out skin piercing also needs a personal licence. Tattooists are required to keep a register of all people tattooed including proof of age.


The law does not cover other forms of body piercing and no licensing is required. However, it is normally expected body piercers will carry out ear piercing which is licensed.

The licence for the premises covers the business at that address, although a person covered by a licence may occasionally operate at other premises. Electrolysis or acupuncture under the control of a doctor is exempt.


Register of Licences

We keep a public register of all licences issued and held within the Lewes district. Search online for details now.