Sex Establishments Licenses

Sex Establishments, including sex cinemas and sex shops, need a licence from us in order to operate within the district.

Sex Establishment Guidance, Policy and Application Form

Apply Online

We work in partnership with Gov.UK to issue all of our licences online.

Other Ways to Apply

Contact us for an application form which can be returned by post:

Tel:  01273 471600

Environmental Health
Lewes District Council
Southover House
Southover Road,Lewes


 Initial Application Fee  £3,675
 Annual Renewal Fee  £2,000
 Variation Of Licence  £2,000

Application Process

A licence will be considered against our conditions for sex establishments. If agreed, a licence granted is valid for one year after which it will need renewing.

All conditions attached must be obeyed. We reserve the right after the grant, renewal or transfer of a licence to dispense with, modify or relax or modify conditions and restrictions.

Further Information

A licence may be revoked if at any time the holder is convicted of a using the premises not in accordance with the conditions. Premises may not change use with our written consent.

Advice should be sought from our Planning department to determine if planning permission is required.


Register of Licences

We keep a public register of all licences issued and held within the Lewes district. Search online for details now.