Noise and Pollution

Air Quality
Information on air quality for Lewes District.
Environmental Information Request
Information on Environmental Information Requests
Environmental Permitting and Chimney Heights
Companies carrying out activities that could potentially cause emissions to air, land or water may need to hold an Environmental Permit and/or a Chimney Height Approval
Exhaust Fumes
Vehicles emitting excessive smoke can be reported as they contribute pollutants into the atmosphere affecting the quality of the air we breath.
Land Contamination
Land is monitored for contamination and action taken if it’s likely to cause problems for people or the environment.
Radon is a natural radioactive gas present in all parts of the UK, although the gas disperses outdoors so levels are generally very low.
Noise Nuisance and Anti-Social Behaviour
Noise is defined as unwanted sound and it can come from a number of sources, such as: loud music, barking dogs, machinery, construction and DIY activity, shouting, banging doors, alarms and transport.
Odours and Smells
Bad odours and smells can be reported and in certain instances action can be taken to prevent it from happening.
Smoke Free Compliance
Enclosed public places in the district are subject to smokefree laws. We enforce this and offer help for businesses to comply. Find further information on how to apply and the application process.
Smoke Nuisances
If you are planning to light a bonfire, or if you want to complain about a neighbour causing a nuisance with smoke, we offer the following advice and guidance.