District Council Elections - 5 May 2011

Results for the District Council elections held on Thursday 5 May 2011.

District Council Election Results

Party Total
from 2007 
 Conservative Party  22 +5
 Green Party  0 0
 Independent  1 0
 Labour Party  0 0
 Liberal Democrats  18 -5
 Trade Unionists & Socialists Against Cuts  0 0
 UK Independence Party  0 0

A-Z of Results by Ward

Barcombe and Hamsey
Candidate Name Party Votes
Donna EDMUNDS Conservative Party 408  Elected
Rosalyn Mary ST PIERRE Liberal Democrat 339
Alfie STIRLING Green Party 164
Chailey and Wivelsfield
Candidate Name Party Votes
Bill BLAKE Labour Party 188
Alison BULLAR Liberal Democrat 379
Sharon Barbara DAVY  Conservative Party 1123  Elected
Robert HEATH Green Party 250
Stephanie LITTLEWOOD Liberal Democrat 360
Cyril SUGARMAN Conservative Party 1082  Elected
Ditchling and Westmeston
Candidate Name Party Votes
Robert BANKS Liberal Democrat 169
Tom JONES Conservative Party 626  Elected
Emma Louise PRUEN Green Party 260
East Saltdean and Telscombe Cliffs
Candidate Name Party Votes
Simon William DOYLE Liberal Democrat 664
Maureen Eve LAWRENCE Labour Party 611 
Liz LEE Liberal Democrats 687
Ron MASKELL Conservative Party 1294  Elected
Michael Anthony MCMILLAN Liberal Democrats 528
Rotney O'SHEA Labour Party 543
James PAGE Conservative Party 1214  Elected
Andy SMITH Conservative Party 1189  Elected
Candidate Name Party Votes
Melanie Anne CUTRESS Liberal Democrat 421  Elected
Jana EDMUNDS Conservative Party 349
Gregory Paul KENT Labour Party 126
Luisa SERRECCHIA Green Party 121
Lewes Bridge
Candidate Name Party Votes
Louis Robert BLAIR Labour Party 324
Rob CHAMBERS Conservative Party 255
Matt KENT Green Party 576
James MACCLEARY Liberal Democrat 620  Elected
Roger MURRAY Green Party 424
Nick ROBINSON Conservative Party 280
Jonathan SPENCER Labour Party 318
John STOCKDALE Liberal Democrat 735  Elected
Lewes Castle
Candidate Name Party Votes
Richard BLACK Labour Party 368
Mike CHARTIER Liberal Democrat 835  Elected
Michael FANTHORPE Conservative Party 233
Steve GEORGE Green Party 469
Jocelyn GILLARD Conservative Party 258
David Michael GRAY Liberal Democrat 701  Elected
Susan Jean MURRAY Green Party First Choice 623
Joseph YOUNG Labour Party 307
Lewes Priory
Candidate Name Party Votes
Aaron CURTIS Liberal Democrat 683
Simon David DANGOOR Labour Party 447
Amanda DEAN Liberal Democrat 910  Elected
Ian EILOART Liberal Democrat 844  Elected
Aran MACDERMOTT Trade Unionists & Socialists Against Cuts 157
Kevin Anthony MOORE Labour Party 415
Ruth O'KEEFFE Independent 2470  Elected
Howard PILOTT Green Party 737
Richard John Anthony RUDKIN Green Party 681
Rita SCARFE Conservative Party 414
Angela Mary WALLEDGE Conservative Party 483
Stephen WATTS Labour Party 553
Newhaven Denton and Meeching
Candidate Name Party Votes
Graham Roger AMY Liberal Democrat 1274  Elected
George Seymour BISHOP Conservative Party 713
Carla Jayne BUTLER Liberal Democrat 1193  Elected
Martin CREES Green Party 389
Suzy DIAMOND Conservative Party 587
Sandra Ann HOSKEN Conservative Party 588
Eric William LAMBERT Labour Party 426
Rod MAIN Liberal Democrat 1000  Elected
John SPICER Labour Party 350
Newhaven Valley
Candidate Name Party Votes
Julie Lyn CARR Liberal Democrat 492  Elected
Peter Albert CHARLTON UK Independence Party 206
Gill HART Conservative Party 269
Steven Peter SAUNDERS Liberal Democrat 515 Elected
Keith George David THOMAS Conservative Party 213
Candidate Name Party Votes
Paul John BERRY Labour Party 173
Diana COLVIN Green Party 70
John Anthony LINDLEY Liberal Democrat 140
Jim SHEPPARD Conservative Party 718  Elected
Ouse Valley and Ringmer
Candidate Name Party Votes
Chris BOWERS Liberal Democrat 1112  Elected
Johnny DENIS Green Party 534
Geoff FITCH Labour Party 395
Paul GANDER Conservative Party 1022  Elected
Peter Frederick GARDINER Liberal Democrat 988   Elected
Karen Lorraine Kim LINDFIELD-CHARLTON UK Independence Party 261
David Richard MATTHEWS Liberal Democrat 906
Andrew Leslie SMALL Conservative Party 868
Richard John TURNER Conservative Party 874
Ian Patterson WILSON UK Independence Party 278
Peacehaven East
Candidate Name Party Votes
John CARDEN Labour Party 459
Jackie HARRISON-HICKS Conservative Party 809  Elected
Paul HEAD Liberal Democrat 152
Phil HOWSON Conservative Party 829  Elected
Laurence O'CONNOR Labour Party 403
Peacehaven North
Candidate Name Party Votes
Sue GRIFFITHS Liberal Democrat 300
Doug LAWRENCE Labour Party 287
Elayne MERRY Conservative Party 612  Elected
Barbara POWELL Labour Party 310
Robbie ROBERTSON Conservative Party 508  Elected
Bob WORTHINGTON Independent 272
Peacehaven West
Candidate Name Party Votes
Richard COLLINGS Labour Party 379
Nicky EASTON Labour Party 384
Job HARRIS Conservative Party 757  Elected
Pamela Jean HELLIER Liberal Democrat 173
Eileen RUSSELL Conservative Party 756  Elected
Plumpton, Streat, East Chiltington and St John (Without)
Candidate Name Party Votes
Tam LARGE UK Independence Party 79
Sarah Jane OSBORNE Liberal Democrat 557  Elected
Stephen Richard STRAFFORD Conservative Party 447
Seaford Central
Candidate Name Party Votes
Mark Frederick Mallin BROWN Conservative Party 533
James CANNON Independent 423
George Robert CORK UK Independence Party 211
Stephen John GAUNTLETT Liberal Democrat 639  Elected
Clive Leslie HUDSON Conservative Party 459
Carolyn Shelagh LAMBERT Liberal Democrat 675  Elected
Patti REED Green Party 197
Agnes Ethel WHEELER Labour Party 225
Seaford East
Candidate Name Party Votes
Rob BLACKMAN Conservative Party 992  Elected
Alan Norman LATHAM UK Independence Party 359
Tony NICHOLSON Conservative Party 929  Elected
Natalie SHAPCOTT Liberal Democrat 688
Matt WALKER Liberal Democrat 604
June WOOD Labour Party 255
Seaford North
Candidate Name Party Votes
Paul Lawrence FRANKLIN Conservative Party 737  Elected
Eleas HUSSAIN Liberal Democrat 549
Ursula Katharine JENNER UK Independence Party 228
Sarah Elizabeth MCSTRAVICK Liberal Democrat 579
Frank Anthony PARKER Labour Party 292
Ann Dorothy Mary REES Labour Party 269
Eddie REYNOLDS Independent 255
Benjamin Marc WARREN Conservative Party 587  Elected
Seaford South
Candidate Name Party Votes
Sam ADENIJI Conservative Party 733  Elected
Bob ALLEN Liberal Democrat 764  Elected
Sylvia Margherita DUNN Conservative Party 722
Christina Ulrika LATHAM UK Independence Party 221
Joan Patricia LAWTON Labour Party 250
Julian David Newton TURNER Liberal Democrat 562
Seaford West
Candidate Name Party Votes
Frank CARSTAIRS UK Independence Party 353
Barry Wilson GROVES Conservative Party 866  Elected
Andrew JOHNSON Liberal Democrat 743
Lorna JONES Labour Party 201
Peter LAVIN Liberal Democrat 734
Ian James WHITE Conservative Party 812  Elected