Council Tax Banding - How Council Tax is set

Council Tax is set for 8 different bands – depending on the value of your property (which is based on its open market value as at 01 April 1991) and it's set by the Valuation Office Agency:

  • Band A: Up to £40,000
  • Band B: Over £40,000 and up to £52,000
  • Band C: Over £52,000 and up to £68,000
  • Band D: Over £68,000 and up to £88,000
  • Band E: Over £88,000 and up to £120,000
  • Band F: Over £120,000 and up to £160,000
  • Band G: Over £160,000 and up to £320,000
  • Band H: Over £320,000

The amount of Council Tax charged for each property in the district is set locally. This depends on how much all the local authorities and certain other public bodies wish to spend.

Council Tax Bands

To find out the Council Tax charged for each band across the district:

Valuations & Council Tax Banding Reductions

Residents have been contacted by companies saying they can offer valuations, council tax banding, and area comparisons of their property in the hope of saving them thousands of pounds in council tax, however they will charge a ‘small’ administration fee of anything upwards of £65. If you are contacted by one of these companies please remember that the Valuation Office Agency offers this service for free, as well as letting you check your current council tax banding online.

If you have made an appeal through the Valuation Office Agency, you should continue to pay your Council Tax whilst you are waiting for the decision. Please be advised that following an appeal, your Council Tax Band can go up as well as down.

Always remember: If you’re not sure who is calling you, DON’T give your account or personal information over the phone.