Environmental Management

We have an internal environmental management system covering every service.

We have been registered under the Eco Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) since 1999 and certified to the International Standard ISO 14001 since 2002.

These achievements demonstrate our commitment to managing the environmental impacts of providing such a varied range of services to residents.

Details of the management system can be found in the Environmental Policy and in the Environmental Statement.

If you have general queries or complaints of an environmental nature please contact us.

Greenhouse Gas Report

We have produced a Greenhouse Gas Report following the Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) guidance ‘Guidance on how to report and measure your Greenhouse Gases’. This is a new requirement from the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) to replace the former National Indicator 185 ‘Percentage of CO2 reduction from Local Authorities Operations’ and this new requirement is included on the government’s single data list.

DECC have not given any specific guidance about activities we should include or exclude but there is a minimum which is required to be in the report and this has been followed. As the reporting for 2010/11 and the baseline 2009/10 was calculated retrospectively, Lewes District Council used the data which would have been collected for the former National Indicator 185. In subsequent years other data sources will be investigated so we can expand our reporting remit.

The main difference between this report and the old method is the measurement unit, previously CO2 was required but the new reporting requires the measurement of Carbon equivalents (CO2e) which is otherwise referred to as greenhouse gases. This is seen by many to give a better overall picture of emissions rather than focussing on one particular gas.

This method of reporting also aligns us with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol which is the internationally recognised standard for greenhouse gas reporting and also the new mandatory reporting requirements for our environmental management verification which include calculations for Greenhouse gases.