Council Finance

Make A Payment
Pay a range of bills using our online payments system to make secure payments to us 24 hours a day.
Council Bills - Ways To Pay
Council invoices and bills can be paid in a variety of ways. See payment methods and choose the most appropriate for you.
Council Tax Performance Summary
We detail how the Council Tax collected will be spent and summarise our targets for the year ahead.
Annual Accounts
At the end of each financial year we prepare an annual Statement of Accounts. This provides information about our expenditure and income and our financial standing. It also explains the rights that the public have to inspect our accounting records.
Annual Budget
We publish an annual budget book showing detailed service budgets as well as more general financial information.
Medium Term Financial Strategy and Efficiency Plan
Medium term financial planning is essential to support the delivery of high quality services. This outlines the approach that we take and includes our latest financial forecasts.
Annual Treasury Strategy
Before the start of every financial year we determine the Strategy that we will following when managing our investments and borrowing.
Payments to Suppliers
Each month we publish a list of payments that we have made to companies, local authorities, community groups, government bodies and other organisations who have supplied the Council with goods or services.
Senior Officers' Pay
Each year we publish a list of salary and related information for our senior managers, that is, those managers earning more than £58,200.
Council's Insurance and Insurer
Information about the Council's Insurance and Insurer can be found here.