Where your Council Tax goes

Information on how your Council Tax is set and the spending plans for each relevant local authority in the Lewes District.

Lewes District Council is responsible for collecting Council Tax from residents within our District. We collect it on behalf of all of the relevant authorities in the area.

Paying for Local Services

Council Tax helps pay for local services like rubbish collection, housing, policing, fire and rescue  and education. These and many other important local services are provided in your area by East Sussex County Council, Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner, East Sussex Fire Authority and Lewes District Council and your local town or parish council.

How Does It Work?

Each local Authority decides how much it needs to spend. Lewes District Council collects the Council Tax and Business Rates on behalf of the precepting authorities. The amount each Council needs is shown separately on your Council Tax bill.

Special expenses

Lewes District Council introduced a system of special expenses on 01 April 2014. This means that the cost of maintaining the Councils open spaces it owns and manages is paid for within the local area where the facilities are located. The special expenses charged for your area is shown on your Council Tax bill.

Adult Social Care precept

The Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government made an offer to adult social care authorities in his letter of 17 December 2015. Adult social care authorities are local authorities which have functions under Part 1 of the Care Act 2014 (adult social care functions, namely county councils in England, district councils for an area in England, for which there is no county council, London borough councils, the common Council of the City of London and the Council of the Isles of Scilly.

Council Tax charges for 2017/2018

Council Tax charges (Band D average) for the year are shown below. The amount each Authority takes as a proportion is known as a precept. Each precepting Authority produces information on how their share of Council Tax will be spent during the financial year. The information for each Authority is set our below:

Council Tax charges (Band D average) for the year
Precepting Authority Band D property
East Sussex County Council £1,314.36
Lewes District Council £195.05
Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner £153.91
East Sussex Fire Authority £88.40
Town and Parish Councils £90.18
Total £1,841.90