Street Closures

We issue orders to close roads and precincts within the Lewes District for events. Please see below for advice and how to apply.

We have powers under the Town Police Clauses Act 1847 – Section 21 to close public roads in the district for public entertainment and sporting events.

There is no charge for this service.

The pedestrian precincts in Lewes and Newhaven are not covered by the Town Police Clauses Act but are licensed for use by us. We can deal with applications to use these areas. Please contact Environmental Health online.

We have no authority to close pavements or footpaths. This is the responsibility of East Sussex County Council Rights Of Way department.

Applications for Street Closures

Forms should be completed a minimum of 8 weeks prior to the event. However, if your application may raise Public Order concerns, you will need to allow an extra 4 weeks (making the consultation period 12 weeks) for your application to be processed. Any requests received later than this will be refused as we will not have sufficient time to conduct relevant consultations.

All applications should be completed using the 24 hour clock and have an accompanying map marking clearly in colour the lengths of streets you wish to close. The narrative on the application should match exactly the lengths of road indicated on the map. Please give name of road to be closed from junction with X to junction with Y, if applicable. If your application and map are not clear, this will delay your application as clarification will be requested prior to consultation.

All applications for street closures are referred to East Sussex Highways, Sussex Police, the East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service (ESFRS), The Sussex Ambulance Service (SECAMB) and the Public Transport providers for comment. Any issues raised by them will be referred to the applicant.

Submit Street Closure Application Online

If you have never applied for a road closure with us before then we will ask you to provide evidence you have consulted with all those directly affected by the road(s) you are closing.

Applications for Play Streets

We are inviting applications from residents who want to turn their street into a Play Street, allowing children to play freely for a few hours on their own street without fear of traffic.

Parents and neighbours can apply for a single Play Street, or several at one time.

Applicants have to demonstrate at time of application that at least 60% of homes and businesses affected agree to the road being closed. A Play Street can operate during daylight hours for up to three hours at a time. Parents should be available to supervise the play and ensure the road is closed off to vehicles with suitable signs, but allowing access to residents to park in existing bays. Play Streets should not not be scheduled more often than once a fortnight.

The consultation process described above applies to all applications which should be made 8 weeks prior to the date of the proposed Play Street. If you have questions about the suitability of your road, please address your queries via this link. For more information and for our online application form, please refer to the Play Streets page.

Street Closure Signs

East Sussex County Council advises organisers about advance warning and diversion signs. Lettering must be 50mm in height, black on a yellow background, conforming to the Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2002.

Neither we nor the Police provide signs or barriers for road closures. If required, they are available from Kier Group via East Sussex County Council Highways.

Your Obligations

As the applicant you are responsible for ensuring that all necessary road signs and barriers are placed on the highway. You should display the Road Closure Order as soon as you receive it and remove the signs as soon as your event is over.

It is also your responsibility as organiser to inform all residents and businesses on the affected roads, indicating the date, time and extent of the road closure.