Towns and villages within the district are twinned with others on the Continent to bring unison amongst Europe.

Town Twinning was developed in Europe after the Second World War as a way to bring European people into a closer understanding of each other and to promote cross-border projects of mutual benefit.

The idea is to pair towns and cities in different countries with the accent upon fostering human contacts. Twin towns often, but not always, have similar populations and characteristics.

While still more popular as a concept in Europe than elsewhere, the idea has now spread to other continents. In North America it is known as Sister Cities.

Within Europe, town twinning is now supported by the European Union. The support scheme was established in 1989.

Twin Towns

Peacehaven is linked with Epinay-Sous-Senart,France and Isernhagen, Germany. Regular visits are organised and local clubs, schools and associations are encouraged to make contacts.

Lewes is twinned with Blois (pronounced "Blue-ah"), France and Waldshut-Tiengen (pronounced "Valdsuit Ting-en"), Germany. The link between the three towns is very strong. Lewes Twinning Association is responsible for activities between Lewes and its twin towns.

Seaford is twinned with the town of Bonningstedt and the former East German town of Crivitz.

Twin Villages

Newick is twinned with the village of Itteville, Essonne, France. Newick Twinning Association help the links between the two locations.