Children's Play Areas

We manage 34 play areas across the district for the enjoyment of children in all parts of our community.

All our equipment in our play areas conforms to strict Health and safety guidelines.

It is checked once a week by trained inspectors to ensure it is as safe as possible. All findings are recorded and acted upon; urgently if necessary. An annual report is also conducted by an independent inspector.

All safety bark is changed on a five year period or sooner if needed. The new bark is certified as being of play quality. Plus, bark pits are dug every four weeks to aid maximum cushioning.

Litter and any other debris are removed from the play areas on a daily basis. To report any damage or concerns, please contact our Customer Services.

Play Areas Locations & Equipment

Malling Play Area, Spences Lane, Lewes

Multi play unit, flexi-Bridge, swings, spring mobile, slide.

Harvard Close Play Area, Lewes

Roundabout, multi play unit, Flexi-Bridge, swings, spring, mobile, slide.

Timberyard Lane, Lewes

Seesaw, roundabout, multi play unit, swings.

Convent Field, Mountfield Road, Lewes

Seesaw, swings.

De La Warr Green Play Area, Landport Estate, Lewes

Multi play unit, Flexi-Bridge, spring mobile, slide.

Landport Estate Play Area, Landport Road, Landport Estate, Lewes

Multi play unit, Flexi-Bridge, agility Burma bridge, swings, cable runway, slide, stepping trees, balance beams, ball games wall, agility cycle course.

The Paddock Play Area, Paddock Road, Lewes

Flexi-Bridge, slide, agility equipment.

De Montfort Play Area, De Montfort Road, Lewes

Swings, spring mobiles, slide, twister net, log traverse, Burma bridge,  stepping trees,  basketball net, daffodil unit, leap frog posts.

Kingfisher Court Play Area, Kingfisher Court, De Montfort Estate, Lewes

Multi Play unit, slide, spring mobile, ball games area.

Nevill Crescent Play Area, Nevill Crescent, Lewes

Seesaw, swings, slide, log cabin

Long Park Corner, Ditchling

Spring mobile, slide, multi-play unit, roundabout, agility unit.

East Chiltington Play Area, Honey Croft, East Chiltington

Multi-play unit, Flexi-Bridge, swings, slide, spring mobile.

The Martlets Play Area, Martlets, South Chailey

Multi-play unit, seesaw, slide, Flexi-Bridge.

Millbrooks Play Area, Millbrooks, Chailey

Multi-play unit, agility unit, swings, slide and tower, spring mobile.

Malthouse Play Area, The Malthouse, Cooksbridge

Roundabout, multi-play unit, slide.

Bell Lane Play Area, Bell Lane, Lewes

Roundabout, swing, spring mobile, slide, log cabin, climbing frame.

Stanley Turner Play Area, Stanley Turner Ground, Lewes

Roundabout, swings, slide, multi-play unit.

Downland Avenue Play Area, Downland Avenue, Peacehaven

Multi-play unit, swings, spring mobile, climbing frame, slide.

Chichester Close Ball Games Area, Chichester Close, Peacehaven

(Summer Only) Ball games area with Basketball net.

Cinque Foil Play Area, Cinque Foil, Peacehaven

Multi-play unit, slide, roundabout, seesaw, toddler multi-play unit, toddler slide.

Ball Games Area, Hillcrest Court, Hillcrest, Newhaven

Roundabout, multi-play unit, swings, slide.

Fort Road Play Area North, Fort Road, Newhaven

Swings, slide, log cabin, agility equipment.

Fort Road Play Area South, Fort Road, Newhaven

Multi-play unit, flexi-bridge, swings, spring mobile, slide.

Eastside Play Area, Eastside, Norton Road, Newhaven

Swings, spring mobile, slide, multi-play unit.

Valley Dip Play Area, Valley Road, Seaford

Swing unit, slide, spring mobile.

Downs Play Area, Downs Leisure Centre, Seaford

Multi-play unit, swings, slide.

The Peverells Play Area, Barn Rise, Seaford

Swings, spring mobile, agility equipment.

Chalvington Field, Normansal Road, Seaford

Half Pipe Skate ramp, Basketball Area.

Walmer Road Play Area, Walmer Road, Seaford

Roundabout, multi-play unit, swings, spring camel, play panel, slide, agility equipment, cantilever swing unit, basket ball post.

Aquila Park, Seaford

Multi-play unit, slide, rocking horse, shop front play panel, wooden horse.

Hazel Close Play Area, Hazel Close, Newhaven

Climbing frame, seesaw, slide.