Transport and Streets

Play Streets
We are inviting applications from residents who want to turn their street into an occasional play street, allowing children to play freely with friends for a few hours without fear of traffic.
Abandoned and Untaxed Vehicles
We work with Sussex Police and the DVLA to remove abandoned vehicles and prosecute the owners of untaxed cars and lorries.
Concessionary Bus Passes
East Sussex County Council is responsible for the English National Concessionary Travel (free bus pass) Scheme. Full details are available on their website.
Co-wheels - Lewes Car Share Scheme
Residents and businesses of Lewes town have can hire one of two car share vehicles to get from A to B. We operate the scheme in conjunction with Co-wheels. This is an external link and will take you to their website.
Street Cleaning
The cleanliness of roads is our responsibility, while the upkeep and maintenance belongs with East Sussex County Council and the Highways Agency.
Street Closures
We issue orders to close roads and precincts within Lewes District for events. Find details, advice and how to apply.
Street Closure Event Register
A list of upcoming events requiring a street closure notice along with the details of the area, dates and times affected.
Street Naming and Numbering
The naming and numbering of streets and buildings in Lewes District, is controlled by the Council under the Town Improvement Clauses Act 1847 and the Public Health Act 1925.
Specification for street nameplates
How new housing developments are named or numbered