Sussex Breakfast

A Sussex Breakfast promotes the finest local produce and supports local producers and suppliers. Discover how to become an accredited business and where to sample a Sussex Breakfast.

The Sussex Breakfast scheme promotes the delicious, local and seasonal produce found across East & West Sussex.

The scheme assures all ingredients are sourced direct from Sussex producers or purchased from farm shops supplied by local farmers and craft processors.

Those supplying Sussex Breakfasts are guaranteed to be serving at least 60% locally sourced, ethically produced ingredients including  sausages and bacon from pigs reared outdoors or in open straw barns and eggs from free range chickens. Other ingredients include seasonal apple juice, homemade jams and marmalades and fresh milk from small local dairies.

A Sussex Breakfast means shorter supply chains and reduced food miles. Most of the food you will sample has not travelled outside of Sussex.

The benefits of a Sussex Breakfast are wide and varied:

Tastier and Healthier

Small scale producers tend to take great care over their products using high-quality, natural ingredients. Traditionally reared, grass-fed cows, pigs and chickens produce milk, meat and eggs rich in Omega-3s. These are essential fatty acids important for children’s and adult’s health.

Sustaining Rural Communities

Buying food from local producers shortens the supply chain and supports local economic activity. Food enterprises established by local people create jobs and develop new skills.

Keeping Sussex Beautiful

The rolling Downs and patchwork of small, irregular fields, hedges and ancient woodland of the Weald has been created and maintained by traditional farming over many hundreds of years. By serving a Sussex Breakfast you are helping local farms to stay in business and continue their important role in safeguarding the Sussex landscape and wildlife.

Gaining accreditation

Any Sussex accommodation or hospitality business serving breakfast can become an accredited provider.

The ingredients of a Sussex Breakfast can either be sourced directly from the producers or from farm shops, other retailers and distributors.

It is important to check with the shop to find out where they source their produce. For example, a butcher’s shop may make their own sausages but the meat could be imported.

Local resources such as the Sussex Food Finder can help you to source local producers and suppliers. 

To register, complete a registration form and return it to Tourism & Economic Development team.. All applications will be verified before accreditation is awarded. 

We do our best to find suppliers or the ingredients if needed.  Those meeting the criteria will be approved and sent the logo and other publicity materials to use.

Promoting Sussex Breakfast

Accredited Sussex Breakfast providers are promoted via our Enjoy Sussex activities and our Tourist Information Centres in Lewes and Seaford.

The Sussex Breakfast is an initiative of the Sussex Tourism Partnership, A Taste of Sussex and the local authorities of East and West Sussex.