Access Keys

This page gives details of our access keys that we use on this website.

Access keys are keyboard shortcuts providing quick and easy access to common pages without the need for a mouse. At present, only Microsoft Internet Explorer supports access keys and using them depends upon what type of operating system you use.

Access keys on this website are used for the top navigation links, main navigation links, feedback form and complaints procedure.

Windows based computers: press and hold 'Alt', the access key letter or number (as below), then 'Return'.

Macintosh based computers: press and hold 'Ctrl', the access key letter or number (as below), then 'Enter'.

UK Government standard access keys:
S = Skip navigation (go straight to page content)
0 = Access key details (this page)
1 = Home page
3 = A to Z of Council Services
6 = Help
7 = Complaints
8 = About this site
9 = Contact us

Access keys for navigating this site:
a = Accessibility
m = Site Map
n = News
c = Your Council
b = Business and Tourism
i = Community Services
e = Environment and Health
h = Housing
p = Planning and Building Control
w = Waste and Recycling
x = External Services
j = Jobs go public website (external link)
r = Privacy Policy
f = Freedom of Information
d = Disclaimer
g = Copyright

Committee Management Information System (CMIS) access keys:
1 =
# = CMIS Home page
= = CMIS Search
y = My Councillor
k = Feedback
l = External links
i = Information
t = Committees
u = Councillors
o = Outside Bodies
v = Decisions
q = Forward Plan
z = Events
l = Public Documents
& = Members Library

Please see our Accessibility page for further accessibility features on this website or use our Help page for help items.