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Our A to Z of Services
Our website is now speech-enabled with free-to-download software.
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Our statement about the accuracy and completeness of the information on this website and our liabilities arising in connection with the site and the material in it. Also, here you can find information on our e-forms terms and conditions.
Finding your way around, searching for telephone numbers, external links and more
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As part of our efforts to make sure that this web site delivers what our users want, we monitor standards and usage, website availability and respond to the 'Better Connected' annual report commissioned by the Society of Information Technology Management
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We respect and protect the privacy of anyone who visits the Lewes District Council website.
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RSS, or Really Simple Syndication, allows you to see up to date information from us without having to visit the website each time.
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The site map links show the Council Services sections and category pages. There are too many pages beyond them for us to list in an easy to find way so please use the links listed and then navigate further via our webpages.
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Details on how we use social media and what level of service you can expect from us.